Senior Collection

For my collection, I decided to use robots and aliens as my inspirations. I love the geometric shapes of robots so I wanted the fabric to be synthetic and hard edge. Therefore, the majority of the fabrics I used were nylons, polyester and waterproof. I was fixated with raincoats and parasols, which also became part of my inspiration. In order to be cohesive, I chose vinyl in different gauges. The vinyl gives off a more robotic feel without being cliché. Instead of just using the regular color of silver and white; I chose to use an assortment of colors. I wanted my collection to be as much fun to wear as it is fun to look at. The colors help bring out a childlike demeanor to my vision. I also wanted certain pieces of the garments to be detachable similar to when robots transform. Since robots and aliens are my two favorite childhood things. Being obsessed with both has helped create my vision for my collection. I want people to have fun with my collection. I wanted to create something out of this world and abnormal. The story of my collection is a group of alien girls going to earth and only have their interpretation of what humans look like. Their clothes represent individual aliens’ personal quirky characteristic.

Various Projects

First – Star Wars

Second – The color Purple

Third – Buckminster Fuller

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